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At Acoin we do not have a product catalog. Our range is as big as your needs, we have no limit.

Here we list some of our most frequent supplies. For all of them, we can supply complete installation, new machines or equipment, spare parts and materials or consumables. If you can not find what you are looking for, contact us. Surely we can help you.

Machines or parts according to drawing

All types of parts according to drawing: Foundry parts, shafts, parts of pumps, valves, gears, pulleys, shafts, augers, structures. Any type of mechanical part, even of large dimensions. Sub-assemblies or complete machines.

Any material: Carbon steel, special steels, refractory steels, stainless steels, castings, forged, aluminum and its alloys, bronzes, copper, plastics, composites, graphite, ceramics, special alloys, tungsten carbide

Any process: Machining parts in lathes, milling machines and CNC machining centers, welding, special contributions, heat treatments, surface treatments, polishing, grinding, lapping, cold forming,


For all types of fluids and needs

High pressure pumps, high flow pumps, split chamber pumps, process pumps, submersible pumps, well pumps, vertical pumps, metering pumps, spindle pumps, lobed pumps, gear pumps, pump groups, pressure groups, fire groups, submersible sewage pumps, etc

Brands: Alweiller, Friatec, Wilden, Flowserve, Imo, Sterling, Houttin, Zenith, Grundfos, Warren, Robuschi, Ingersoll rand, Gorman Rupp, Weir, Sulzer Abs, Ksb, Dosapro Milton Roy, Neptune, Prominent, Pulsafeeder

Válves and gates

Valves for all types of fluids and function. In all kinds of materials. Shut-off valves, pressure or flow regulators, piloted, traps, suction cups, etc. Also large valves.

Gate valves for any application and material.

Accessories, spare parts, complements and control elements for all of the above

Pipes and fittings

Accessories for any installation of water or any other fluid, including gases and steam. Measuring and control devices of flow, pressure, temperature. Deposits. Filters. reverse osmosis membranes. Level viewers and detectors. Traps, suction cups

Pipes All types of tubes, pipes and hoses. Any size  and for any application.

All types of materials: cast iron, galvanized steel, stainless steel, copper, PVC, PE, PP, PTFE, etc … and for all types of fluids (cold, hot water, residuals, oils, chemicals, gasses, corrosives, etc …)

Air and gasses

Pneumatic fixed and mobile compressors, blowers, screw compressors, compressors for gases, aerators and membranes, elements for pneumatic installations, control, safety valves. Elements for pneumatic installations: ducts, fittings, connections, control and regulation elements. Special gas valves

Brands: Atlas Copco, Robuschi, ABC, Aerezen, Pedro Gil, Compair, Sauer, Boge, Deno

Heating, cooling, energy

Tubular heat exchangers, plate exchangers, boilers, burners, cooling towers, coolers, fans, special equipment, coils, rotofilms, furnaces, refractory materials, insulating materials

Brands: Alfa Laval, Gea, Luve Contardo, Pieralisi, Sodeca

Materials treatment and separation

Separation of materials, solids or liquids, by any type of procedure.

Liquids: Filters of all kinds, separators, centrifuges, screens, grids, screens, sleeves, decanters, vibrating tables, aerators

Solids: Magnetic separators, screens, mills, sorting tables, vibrators, hoppers

Brands: Alfa Laval, Gea, Donaldson, Pieralisi, Metso,


Instrumentation, control elements and process measurement.

Sensors and elements of measurement and control of all types of physical parameters: volume, length, weight, pressure, temperature, flow, density, viscosity, hardness, etc …

Brands: Honeywell, Spirax Sarco, Endress&Housser, Wika

Chemical products

Caustic soda, lime, ferrous sulphate, sepiolites, clays, ion exchange resins, flocculants, paints, industrial oils, concrete additives, waterproofing agents, filtration elements, active carbon, reagents, etc …

Brands: Vapensa, Henkel, Sika, Basf

Handling, transport and lifting

Lifting: Cranes, winches, hoists, cables, slings, other lifting equipment

Transportation: Conveyor belts, roller conveyors, bucket elevators, pneumatic conveying, hopper agitators,

Handling: Shelving, special tools for handling, supports

Other Industrial Supplies

Electric motors: of all types and sizes, combustion engines, generator sets, hydraulic motors

Sealing: Special and standard seals, collars, flat seals, spirometallic seals, mechanical seals, O-rings

Power transmission: Gearboxes, gearboxes, clutches, brakes, flat and trapezoidal belts, pulleys, pinions, chains, gears, shafts, cardan joints, shock absorbers, bearings

Workshop supplies: Electric and manual tools, cutting tools, abrasives, welding machines and consumables

Hydraulics and pneumatics: pumps, distributors, control and regulating valves, pneumatic cylinders, hydraulic cylinders, filters, fittings, connections, actuators, pressure accumulators

Various materials: Carbon steel, special steels, sheets, profiles, aluminum, copper, ceramic materials, graphite, plastic materials (PVC, PE, PP, PTFE, PRFV),

Electric material

Diverse material: Cables of all types, fiber optics, conduits, insulation, coentions, accessories, tools, boxes, boxes, miscellaneous equipment for installations

Finished products: Complete boxes, wired and tested for any type of installation. Standard tables for control of pumps, motors, etc.

Construction materials

All types of materials, tools and machines for construction

Materials and additives: Pavements, steels, crystals, mortars, special additives for concrete, silicones, paints, primers, waterproofing, sealants, treatments.

Facilities: All types of materials and elements for electrical installations, domotics, telephony and data, cold water, hot water, heating, air conditioning, sewage, fire installations.

Custom made products: Wooden doors, windows, aluminum and PVC joinery, locksmiths, supports.